The Cotswolds

With archeological evidence of human habitation since neolithic times, the Cotswolds have long been one of England’s most desirable – and far and away most beautiful – locations.

For most of the past two millennia, when Corinium (now Cirencester) was the capital of Roman Britain, the Cotswolds has experienced a steadily growing population building beautiful homes and each adding to the rich fabric of the region.

Built on a bedrock of Jurassic limestone which is quarried for its golden colored Cotswold stone, and which creates a type and quality of grassland that is rare in the UK, the predominantly rural landscape today comprises truly breathtaking stone-built villages, historical towns, and stately homes and gardens.



During the Middle Ages, thanks to the breed of sheep known as the Cotswold Lion, the Cotswolds became England’s financial powerhouse on the back of its wool trade with the continent; with much of the money made from wool directed towards the building of beautiful churches – the area still preserves numerous large, handsome Cotswold Stone ‘wool churches’ – and, of course, many of the great family estates and the villages that served them which remain synonymous with the Cotswolds today.

This always and increasingly affluent area in the 21st century continues to attract wealthy Londoners, alongside others who wish to own second homes in the Cotswolds or have chosen to retire here.



For the past fourteen years, Corinium Construction has – whilst always remaining aware of the past and being sensitive to its contributions for future generations – strived to perpetuate the area’s fine traditions of artisan craftsmanship married to the most relevant of modern building practices.

With one project now well in to a second decade renovating and restoring one of the Cotswold’s greatest estates, and a parallel area of expertise focused towards building all-new Cotswold homes for private clients (or giving new life to even the most dilapidated stock), Corinium Construction continues to be the first point of call when considering a move to the area or getting to grips with ambitions for property here.